HiSCORE Engineering Array (HiSCORE-EA)

HiSCORE-EA is the first detector phase of this project. It will consist of an array of HiSCORE stations distributed over an area of up to 1 km². The components of HiSCORE-EA will be as close as possible to the final HiSCORE components. Two main goals are pursued in this project phase within the HRJRG:

  • Proof-of-principle of the detector concept

  • Finalization and optimization of components and array layout

  • First physics

Indeed, it will be possible, already with the engineering array, to address several interesting physics topics. With HiSCORE-EA located in the northern hemisphere, interesting objects such as the Tycho supernova remnant or several potential sources in the Cygnus region of the Galaxy will be observable above 10 TeV gamma-rays at a sensitivity level that could allow first detections in a new energy regime - the ultra-high energy gamma-ray regime. Joint cosmic ray observations with the Tunka-133 array will allow to extend the energy range of the charged cosmic ray spectral and composition measurements towards lower energies. With the more sensitive and faster HiSCORE stations, a gain in precision can also be expected in the energy range already covered by Tunka-133.
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